We are proud of our cultural heritage and aim at it's enrichment.

Described as "the ships of the desert", camels were an essential part of the Bedouins life and tradition. A vital means of transportation, and source of food, protection and clothing, the camel's lifespan is often described as one of God's mercies, and can extend up to 40 years.

Al Khaznah Camel Leathers are collected raw as a by-product of the meat industry.
They are carefully processed in our modern factory with a special emphasis on the preservation of the unique and exceptional nature of this leather.

Photographer : Moza Saeed Al Romathi

As a mark of respect for this very noble material, and for our cultural heritage, we have selected the most caring transformation processes, and use traditional tools and exclusive natural ingredients for our secret recipes. Our products take up to 10 weeks to finalize, and require a lot of craftsmanship, patience and respect.

We are furthermore proud to be the first tannery to offer a complete range of authentic, fully biodegradable and sustainable chrome-free camel leathers of the highest performance and durability. All our products are manufactured with total respect of our environment, and their disposal at the end of their life will even enrich our soil, completing the camel's natural lifecycle.